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…published in The Scots Magazine (May 2015) and the French Magazine The Good life (December 2015).

The Good Life Magazine featuring Martine Nouet
Queen of the Still

The Whisky Wire Interview with Martine

Martine was recently interviewed as a Whisky Insider for The Whisky Wire website

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Prestige Magazine Hong Kong

Queen of the Quaich

Martine Nouet Prestige Magazine Hong KongWhisky expert MARTINE NOUET lives for the pleasures of the peat, and tells GERRIE LIM about finding her island paradise on Islay.

SHE LIVES AMID the briny beaches of a remote Hebridean isle, some 116 kilometres west of Glasgow, where eight whisky distilleries abide. There, the peat spirit is kith and king, resulting in some of the finest single malts infused with smoky charms, and they’ve successfully lured Martine Nouet into making Islay her home – despite being, as she herself says, “French and blonde”, with a self-effacing penchant for blonde jokes…

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Martine Nouet, French connoisseur of whisky, has made Islay her home. She not only writes on food and whisky but she likes to explore all sensory avenues in her whisky tasting sessions. She has discovered that the emotions and the images that whisky aromas evoke are even stronger when the senses respond.

A tasting hosted in London in October 2012 showed how whisky can be “painted” when two young artists visually interpreted the “organoleptic” description given by Martine.

More recently, during Feis Ile, the sensory expression focused on dance in a session titled “Dancing Drams”. This time four great Islay whiskies were brilliantly illustrated by dancer Paula Davidson through four styles of dance.

Given the success of the Music and Whisky Tasting hosted last year at Islay Hotel in Port Ellen, Cantilena musicians and Martine Nouet have decided to play it again. This is a unique sensory experience that enhances both the appreciation of music and whisky. Each of Islay single malts on the tasting menu can be savoured to a piece of music played by the Cantilena Chamber Music Group. Angus Ramsay, director of Cantilena and Martine have joined forces to select the most appropriate music for each malt whisky.

The Music and Whisky tasting is a fundraising initiative by the Friends of Cantilena Islay in support of the Festival.

All are welcome on Tuesday 2nd July at 3.30 pm at Islay Hotel in Port Ellen. Seats are limited so if you are interested don’t fail to book –  DOWNLOAD Cantilena Festival Poster here. Drivers unable to take part in the whisky tasting will be given samples to take home.

BOOKINGS through or phone 01 496 850 106

Alternatively you can book through

(The Ileach, 15th June 2013)