Peat seasoning

There is a whiff of peat in my kitchen… September announces cool evenings, with peat logs glowing red in the fireplace. Here are a few ideas to better enjoy anCnoc Cutter new release.

Fillet of duck on gingerbread and an orange twist

Serves six people

6 thin slices of gingerbread (the less sweet possible)

6 slices of duck breast (unsmoked)

3 tbsp of a root vegetable purée (butternut squash, parsnip or carrot)

1 tsp grated orange zest

6 orange segments6 grapefruit segments

salt, pepper

6 basil leaves for decoration

1 – Cut 6 thin slices of gingerbread and let them dry for 45 min in the oven (Th ¾ – 100°C).

2 – Make the vegetable purée. Mash the cooked vegetables with a knob of butter, season with salt and pepper. Add the orange zest.

3 – Peel the orange and cut 6 segments (just the pulp). Do the same with the grapefruit.

4 – Present the canapé on a saucer: gingerbread topped with the purée, duck breast and the basil leaf.

Options and tips

If you can’t find duck breast (Magrets de canard), you can use prosciutto (Parma ham)

It is important to use unsmoked duck or ham. The rule is to never pair smoked food with a smoky whisky.

The pairing

AnCnoc peated whisky is medium peated. The delicate smokiness is enhanced by the citrus fruit. The root vegetable brings in a sweet note which echoes the whisky sweet maltiness. The gingerbread (which must be dry and crunchy) underlines the dry finish with a soft spicy touch. And the basil with its aniseed flavour refreshes the palate.


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