On Fredericton whisky dinner menu

Here are the whiskies that were on the menu at the launching dinner of NB Spirits Festival. Interesting to have a blend and a bourbon. My friends in Fredericton call that “thinking out of the box”. A few single malt purists confessed to me they had liked both outsiders. So…

Cutty Sark whiskyCutty Sark Prohibition – 50%

This is a special limited release of hand selected casks by master-blender KIrsteen Campbell. In spite of its high strength, it is smooth on the nose and the palate. Citrus fruit, honey and vanilla and a gentle spicy festoon on the finish are the key aromas. Beautiful balance, satin-like mouth feel. A lovely discovery.


laphroaigLaphroaig Cardeas 2014 – Amontillado Finish – 51,4%

I had not tasted that neighbour of mine yet! Appetizing golden colour, medicinal and empyreumatic nose with notes of seaweed and toasted bread. A sweet start followed by a drying spiciness, with an astringent and ligneous touch. That’s the print of the amontillado finish. Lingering smoke and seaweed saltiness on the finish.


macallan_siennabsMacallan Sienna – 43%

This new non age statement and non coloured collection in the 1824 series features 100% sherry cask but some of them are from American Oak casks. Golden amber. Intense nose, earthy, with a Christmassy character. Marmalade, cloved orange and cocoa powder, cinnamon. The palate is smooth and velvety. Elegant with the same candied citrus profile. Opening on crème brûlée and sweet spices.



basil-haydenBasil Hayden  Small Batch Bourbon – 40%

Basil Hayden SM is one of the four “small batch” released by Jim Beam some years ago. It is 8 years of age and includes a higher percentage of rye than the standard bourbon in the mash bill. Hence its spicy character. On the nose, sandalwood and pepper, then some fruit, dried apple. A floral note too. The palate retains the same pepperiness with a sour touch (cranberry juice). Sweet at start, it leads way to a spicy outburst. Long finish.


highland-parkHighland Park 18 Year Old – 43%

The nose is rich and deep. Opening on candied chesnut, heather honey, toasted coffee beans, chocolate and soft spices. The palate is alike with a velvety texture. Oak and fruit sensually integrated.  An earthy peat note in the back. A model of elegance and harmony. A single malt perfect with a sweet or afterdinner. I have never met anyone who does not like Highland Park 18 Year Old.







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