Miscellaneous thoughts

The trendy perfume

Fancy a spray of Laphroaig on your oyster? On your cocktail? On your chocolate mousse? Or simply in your mouth (so much better than the mint breath freshener!), on your hair or whatever tickles your fancy? I use whisky spray in cooking quite regularly but having this branded atomizer is even better. I can keep it in my bag. Unfortunately, Laphroaig is just experimenting with it for their own use in the company but who knows, one day, it could be on the shop shelves!

The honest city

Honesty is such a lonely word? Not in Scotland and even more surprisingly in Glasgow. I was told an incredible story (incredible for us French people!) by a French friend who happened to be in Glasgow Central station with his case and his laptop. He was sitting on a bench then decided to go and check the train timetable. He took his case and in a moment of oblivion, forgot his laptop. He realized one minute later, rushed back to the bench. Too late, nothing. As he said, he could have stood naked among the crowd, he would not have felt worse. I would be just the same. I think I would even have fainted. Anyway, he was advised to go to the lost and found office. And here it was, the laptop had been brought back by an anonymous genuine person. That’s what you call rising from the dead! And that happened in a big city! I feel very proud to live in Scotland.

Don’t touch to the moon!

I could not believe what I read. You are offered to buy an acre of the Moon, Mars or Venus to make “an out-of-this-world gift or a quirky vacation idea” for less than £20. Your gift pack will contain a welcome letter, deeds and a map! So now, you could ask for the moon and get it? This was a Groupon offer and even more astonishing (and pathetic), 212 suckers had signed when I last looked at it. There is no limit to human stupidity for sure. Why don’t they sell a square inch of The little Prince’s planet as well (it is so small)? They are probably too ignorant to know about that thrilling book.

I can imagine shrinks selling their patients’dreams. Buy Martine Nouet’s last dream : she dreamt she learnt swimming and she rescued Ophelia, which drove Arthur Rimbaud’s mad as he had to rewrite his poem. Shakespeare was so offended that he gave up writing and became a concierge at the Athenaeum Hotel in London (a far more lucrative job than being a writer). By the way, I have given up telling my dreams to shrinks. My case is too serious for that!

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