Who am I?

“One of the World’s Top Five.”

Martine Nouet, food and spirits writer, has a passion for all spirits and especially whisky. Born in Normandy, lives on Islay.

French born, Martine Nouet, is an author and journalist who writes exclusively about food and spirits. Her love of Scottish Malt Whiskies brought her to the Isle of Islay on the west coast of Scotland and she has now made Islay her home. Martine currently works both in France and in the UK as well as travelling the world to invitation whisky events.

She launched Whisky Magazine French edition in 2004 and was the editor for six years before deciding to concentrate on writing and cooking. A freelance journalist, she was a regular contributor to Whisky magazine UK for ten years and she has also worked with Scottish Whisky.

Sensory Whisky Pairings, TV Chef, Books and more…

She has pioneered a new trend in the world of whisky, the sensory idea of pairing whiskies with a suitable food counterpart.

In France Martine is known as “La reine de l’Alambic”, “the Queen of the Still”. Martine was made a Master of The Quaich in April 2012, an honorific distinction awarded to very few by the whisky industry. She has also taken part in TV programmes on whisky e.g. as whisky chef on “Singlemalt TV” and with French Canadian film-maker Bruno Carrière in his fourteen part series “Passion Whisky” for Evasion Channel. She has been a judge at the annual international Wine & Spirit Competition since 2000.

In September 2015, she authored “Le guide Hachette des whiskies” for which she was awarded “Le Grand prix du Livre Spirits 2015”. A revised edition was published in 2020 epitomizes twenty years of her rich and varied life and experience.

A globally sought after whisky taster and commentator

Martine Nouet is regarded as one of the leaders in her field and has been described as in “the world’s top five” whisky tasters.

Martine Nouet was born in Normandy. Having nosed calvados from her childhood at family dinners, she probably kept the memory of that superb eau-de-vie and came to spirits later ! She mainly writes on whisky but is also a specialist of all great eaux-de-vie like cognac, calvados, armagnac and rum. Spirits form a fascinating and friendly family…

She regularly hosts matching food and whisky seminars and hosts dinners all over the world, and has gained the esteem and recognition of whisky aficionados and the whole industry. Her cookery book “à table whisky from glass to plate” published in may 2016 (and updated in 2018) About “à table, whisky from glass to plate

“Both a practical guide and an appetising armchair read, authoritative yet friendly, À Table is a delight and I commend it to you whole-heartedly.”

Charles MacLean, Whisky journalist