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Ronald Zwartepoorte fell in love with Islay some years ago. Although he does not live here, he has developed the most impressive data bank on Islay. This site is a must to consult before travelling to Islay.


Malt Maniac Serge Valentin is a legend among whisky lovers. A constantly fermenting spirit who tweets with wit and tastes with panache. 

https://twitter.com/Whiskytips and https://twitter.com/Whiskytips

Eric de Vries is a Dutch whisky lover who feeds his blog and his tweeter account with plenty of updated news. Watch the video on Groningen Festival ( end of March)


Miss Whisky’s blog with interviews and portraits. Alwynne Gwill is intrigued by women and whisky.  A welcoming  blethering lounge for Whisky Women.


Where professionalism and expertise meet good spirit.

Single Malt TV  – “The Whisky Chef” at  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL106EAD8E8D097463Thanks to Rob Draper for his help


The thoughts of Martin Mitchell.