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Ardbeg an Oa in the mist

The launching of Ardbeg an Oa late August was quite spectacular and dramatic. It was so misty that the plane, in spite of a few attempts had to go back to Glasgow with its load of journalists. Living on site, I had no problem driving from my home to the distillery and enjoyed the day with Sylvain Allard from Montréal and Sébastien Gavillet from Las Vegas. A French speaking trio happy to get a real special treat.

In the afternoon, we defied the elements and went up to the Oa to toast the new born Ardbeg as it should. Jackie, Dougie and the PR team took us to the monument and I was the priviledged one to open the bottle. No need for water. The horizontal rain could fill up the glass easily. A very special launching in an eerie atmosphere. Very Ardbeggy in fact!



Whisky & More in Geneva

brie aux cepes

On the second week-end of October, I flew to Geneva for Whisky & More, a rather intimate whisky festival but very warm and very well organized. My dear friend Patrick de Schulthess had a superb collection of collector drams to share with the visitors and so had a few retailers among the exhibitors. I hosted a whisky & cheese seminar. In the morning, we shopped at Bruand’s, a very refined cheesemonger in Geneva. A dream shop when you live on Islay!

Here are the pairings I presented:
Auchentoshan Valinch and Vacherin au poivre de Madagascar (peppered vacherin from Savoie)
Glenmorangie Milsean Private Edition and tomme de Bruson (Swiss cheese from Vaudois region)
Springbank 11 Year Old local Barley and Tomme au foin (cheese matured in Hay from Savoie)
Benriach 17 Years Old PX and a brie stuffed with ceps (divine!)
Ardbeg an Oa and fourme d’Ambert (French blue cheese)

Tomme au foin

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