I will not regret 2021

We are approaching to the end of the year 2021. At last ! I must say that I will not regret this year. Looking back on it, the words which come to my mind are grim, dismal, dreary, sad, challenging and frustrating. I’d see it more as a painting from Albrecht Dürer than one of Nicolas de Staël.

Let’s the dram shine in !

The pandemy has deprived us of our freedom of movement, it took its toll on the opportunities of work, it kept us away from loved ones…
On a personal level, I was faced with the loss of dear loved ones. But I won’t say it is all negative – and far from that – as, still on a personal level, the sun shines in my heart now.

So I will look at 2022 with hope, passion, ready to fill it with exciting projects, trips and encounters. It is always thrilling to see these blank pages on our book of life at the beginning of each year. And whatever virus follows Omicron, I will not let it ruin my days.
This is why I wish you all to carry on dreaming and achieve your dreams.
Don’t dream your life, live your dreams !

Happy New year
A l’an prochain

Let’s keep smiling to life and love !