Four Bottlings From Hellyers Road Distillery

I will visit Hellyers Road Distillery in North Tasmania on the first week of August. That will be icing on the cake on my exciting Australian trip. Just to whet my tastebuds, I have tasted four versions of Hellyers Road Single Malt. An interesting discovery. Established in 1997, Hellyers Road Distillery is the oldest distillery in Australia.

Hellyers Road Original Roaring Forty – 40%

Nose: Malty and grassy. Opening on sweet vanilla notes. Vanilla syrup, hint of butterscotch. Touch of orange peel. More oak and soft spices when aerated.

Palate : Smooth and sweet. Creamy vanilla custard. A hint of resine. Orange peel. Drying on soft spices and a hint of licorice.  With water, hint of passion fruit.

Finish : Smooth with a dry astringent edge.

Comment : A well balanced whisky, malty and sweet, marked by maturation in bourbon cask.

Pairing: Fish and creamy lemony sauce, seafood salad, almond (marzipan cake), lemon drizzle cake


Hellyers Road –10 Year Old – 46,2%

Nose : Balsamic. Pine needles. Dry hay. Freshly crushed hazelnuts. Toasted notes with water. Like brown bread toast.

Palate: Sweet with that balsamic character. Pine sap losanges. Honeyed cereals.A touch of burnt wood and roasted nuts. Drying on spices. Water makes it sweeter but blander.

Finish : Dry with some licorice and sugar pops.

Comment: An unusual balsamic profile with a delicate sweetness.

Pairing: Mushrooms risotto, chicken casserole, stewed apples and pears


Hellyers Road Pinot noir finish – 46,2%

Orangey colour

Nose: Intense, oaky. Damp wood. Some sweet fruit. Raisins. Stewed plums. In the back, sweet maltiness.

Palate : Smooth at start then crisp. Fruity. Plum jam. Toffee, spices. Water tends to make it astringent and spicier.

Finish : Dry with an oaky after taste. But also a creamy note.

Comment : An enticing whisky which offers a harmonious display of fruit and spices.

Pairing : Roast of pork and prunes, duck in a fruit sauce, plum tart, sticky toffee pudding or a fruity cheese (matured cheddar, comté)


Hellyers Road Peated – 46,2%

Paler in colour (like the original)hellyers-road-peated_web

Nose:Smoky. Creosote.  A floral touch. Freesia. Citrus fruit.

Palate : Smooth and sweet. Oily texture. Burnt wood. Smoky, round, quickly drying on dusty spices. Sweet licorice. A hint ofcitrus.

Finish : Dry and spicy.

Comment : Smoke is obviously the aromatic dominant. Wrapping spices up. Interesting combination. But there is a slight butyric note on nose and palate.

Pairing : Game dish with parsnips and other root vegetables, citrus fruit salad.