DONE AND DUSTED – Glenrothes in Speyside and Grant’s Blendologie in Paris

It was a busy start to May with events in Paris and Speyside. If you missed the live “Blendologie” web event, here is a wee taste. Ronnie as usual turned in a great performance at the Speyside Festival.

Glenrothes reveals the artist in you

Ipad art and great whisky
Ipad art, great whisky and sensory perception
drawing of Whisky sleeping at Glenroth
Whisky sleeping at Glenroth

They were seven brave souls to venture in Glenrothes Inner Sanctum (the intriguing tasting room designed by Ronnie Cox, The Glenrothes director and Art-rageous pioneer.

Their ipad in one hand and a dram of Glenrothes in the other, the festival goers interpreted the fabulous aromatic profile of the 1978 vintage. What a treat !

I conducted the tasting and took them through the lively and refreshing uplifting Glenrothes Alba, the 1995, an autumnal outdoor dram, the complex and sensual 1988 and the 1978,a sophisticated and meditating dram.

There may be some way to go before exhibiting at the Tate Gallery but our daring group proved that whisky and art gang together.

They also agreed that the enjoyment they got was worth the risk they took to be guinea-pigs.

Blendologie- the art of tasting

If you missed the Live session on 23 April when Ludovic Ducrocq, Grant’s ambassador and myself demonstrated the art of tasting, you can find it here

Because of the loi Evin in France which restricts the communication on alcoholic drinks to the facts, I was not able to mention enjoyment, emotions and pleasure. Imagine the torture for me! But sometimes the body language tells more than the words! It must have pleased the audience as we were followed by 10 000 internet users.

Here are a few photos of the super production! I am ready for Angel’s Shares N°2 ! Ken Loach, are you listening ?

By the way, the talk is in French. There is a good opportunity to refresh your French if you don’t belong to La Jolie France.

Blendologie Grant's tasting May 2013

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