Here’s to Tullamore

Exterior of Tullamore Distillery

 Tullamore distillery is born again. William Grant & Sons acquired the brand Tullamore Dew in 2010 and they decided to go further and build a …

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Mackmyra discovers Food pairing

Food pairing is the new territory explored by Mackmyra distillery in Sweden with Marcus Torgeir, the creative chef of Mackmyra restaurant in Gävle. What a feast. And a passionate exchange of views when I came to the Mackmyra day last May.

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Gartbreck (nearly) comes to reality

Gartbeck Distillery 3D image

Martine & Jean Donnay, owners of Glann ar Mor distillery in Brittany, have revealed the plans for their second distillery, to be built on Islay, off the west coast of Scotland. Gartbreck will be the ninth distillery on the island.

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Miscellaneous thoughts

atomiser and moon ad montage

The trendy perfume Fancy a spray of Laphroaig on your oyster? On your cocktail? On your chocolate mousse? Or simply in your mouth (so much …

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OK, a New Year in front of us, and then?


We all start The New Year with firm resolutions, projects, schedules and dreams. I usually have my lot and I pencil my diary with deadlines, lists of planned actions and a few questions marks. Besides that, I always make wise resolutions regarding my diet…

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Teach your nose to nose with LE NEZ DU WHISKY


Jean Lenoir has abandoned – for a short while only- the grape for the grain. With his team, aromatician Karine Lasalle and professor of chemistry Hubert Richard, he has studied the descriptors of whisky to produce a wonderful sensory kit: 54 bottles encapsulating the main aromas of single malts. Fascinating!

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