A few Tullamore

John Quinn took the journalists through a tasting on Tullamore opening day.  The tasting was conducted in a very atmospheric Irish Pub, two steps from …

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I can’t resist sharing the tasting-notes of my Port Charlotte Cask, a sample of which I got two weeks ago (filled on 21st July 2001 – drawn on 4th July 2014, hence nearly 13 Year-old).

More on Bruichladdich Cantilena 2014 and on Highland Park Dark Origin…

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From Brittany to Islay, Glann ar Mor and Kornog,

It was quite surrealistic to taste Breton whiskies on Islay. But not irrealistic!

Through Glann ar Mor and Kornog, the two single malts distilled by Jean Donnay in Brittany, one could catch a glimpse of Gartbreck, the future ninth Islay distillery.

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Ardbeg Auriverdes – 49,9%

Auriverdes is the latest edition of Ardbeg edition to be launched on 31st May on the distillery day at Feis Ile, Islay Festival of Music and Malt. The best opportunity to put your hand on that bottle is to be there that day!

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Glenmorangie Companta 46%

This is the fifth addition to the Private Edition range. It reflects Dr Bill Lumsden’s tireless research in maturation and wood policy. Bill Lumsden is …

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Four Bottlings From Hellyers Road Distillery

I will visit Hellyers Road Distillery in North Tasmania on the first week of August. That will be icing on the cake on my exciting Australian trip. Just to whet my tastebuds, I have tasted four versions of Hellyers Road Single Malt. An interesting discovery. Established in 1997, Hellyers Road Distillery is the oldest distillery in Australia.

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