In Brief

Ardbeg an Oa in the mist The launching of Ardbeg an Oa late August was quite spectacular and dramatic. It was so misty that the …

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Bon appétit

montage distilled

Summer has been well employed in promoting “à table”. It is always a real pleasure to meet people and give them inspirations through classes and …

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New Releases

From Scotland to Ireland, some drams to spice up your summer garden parties. Enjoy the sunshine (if you are lucky enough to find it where you are)!

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And the beat goes on…


Autumn is on its way. The wild geese appeared early on Islay this year. Sign of a cold winter? Who knows? September has been an eventful month.

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More Peat

Let’s keep the peat theme… Two new releases this autumn of peaty characters: anCnoc Cutter, a Speyside malt which used to be called Knockdhu, and …

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