Peat seasoning


There is a whiff of peat in my kitchen… September announces cool evenings, with peat logs glowing red in the fireplace. Here are a few …

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Sweet Canapé

Coconut milk pana cotta with a salted caramel sauce Serves 6 persons (6 small glasses) For the pana cotta 200 ml double cream 1 vanilla …

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The Four Seasons of Whisky: Autumn

It is a bit early for presenting Autumn dishes but let me carry on with my presentation of seasonal nibbles. After all, we have Summer days with gale force storms or thick mist on Islay. And they call for soups and rich dishes!

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The four seasons of whisky: Summer

Fancy illustrating the season in your cooking and your choice of whisky? Let me take you through the four seasons with some easy nibbles, savoury and sweet. Time to think of Summer now.

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Walnuts and cheese stuffed mushrooms

nougat glace

To carry along with an autumnal mood, here are two recipes which welcome nuts. Use walnuts for a mouth melting starter which can be a main dish if you serve these stuffed mushrooms on a bed of vegetables (Savoy cabbage for instance); prefer cobnuts for an easy to prepare but impressive nougat glacé. Why not try both?

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