Comte and Mushrooms Parcel

comte and mushrooms parcel

A delicious way to end an autumnal meal with this crispy cheese recipe. Almost a sweet! This recipe can be found in my book “à table, whisky from glass to plate”. photo credit: John Paul

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Monkfish wrapped in Pancetta

Summer is the season for fresh fish and seafood, here with an Italian touch. Monkfish has a firm flesh that allows it to be cooked as a roast. This recipe can be found in my book “à table, whisky from glass to plate”.

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Salmon Mousse Profiteroles

(photo credit: John Paul). That delicious springtime starter made the cover of “à table, whisky from glass to plate”. With the photographer and the chef, …

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Whisky Laced Mushroom Veloute

Wild Harvest

The misty and wet Autumn evenings call for warmers up. There is nothing more appealing than a creamy soup. When it features the most emblematic ingredient of the Autumn season, mushrooms, it becomes a sophisticated starter for a refined dinner.

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Red Fruit Symphony

Red fruit symphony

Red fruit are the star of the Summer season. Here is a delicious and refreshing recipe, easy to prepare and which will give you a wee taste of your childhood with the marshmallows. Enjoy!

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Pairing in South Africa

Pairing with Food - South Africa

I gave a few pairing whisky with food gigs at Wild about Whisky, the famous Dullstroom whisky bar. The star was the rainbow trout which abounds in the Scotland-looking lakes around Dullstroom. Delicately smoked, tasty, a winner with single malt.

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Light and Delicate


Spring is not on its way yet. We are longing for fresh fruit. Although I am not very keen on using tinned fruit, I think pears work well. Here is a delicate sweet which enhances a fruity and light single malt profile. Walkers ginger shortbreads give a vibrant kick to ricotta.

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So French

Pain Perdu (lost or wasted bread)

When I was in Fredericton (New-Brunswick), I hosted a cooking demonstration, selecting a family recipe. My grandmother who hated wasting food used to treat us with her scrumptious “Pain perdu” (lost or wasted bread). A wonderful way to salvage stale bread.

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Soup time

When come the stormy days, there is nothing more comforting than a bowl of soup. In the South of France, the old folks used to add a small glass of red wine in their soup. It was called “faire chabrot”… Let’s do it with whisky!

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