On Fredericton whisky dinner menu

Here are the whiskies that were on the menu at the launching dinner of NB Spirits Festival. Interesting to have a blend and a bourbon. My friends in Fredericton call that “thinking out of the box”. A few single malt purists confessed to me they had liked both outsiders. So…

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So French

Pain Perdu (lost or wasted bread)

When I was in Fredericton (New-Brunswick), I hosted a cooking demonstration, selecting a family recipe. My grandmother who hated wasting food used to treat us with her scrumptious “Pain perdu” (lost or wasted bread). A wonderful way to salvage stale bread.

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New Brunswick Spirit Festival

Raise Your Spirits image

Raise Your Spirits 2014 My annual trip to Canada takes me to Fredericton in New-Brunswick, the only officially bilingual province, part of the Atlantic Provinces (les …

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A few Tullamore

John Quinn took the journalists through a tasting on Tullamore opening day.  The tasting was conducted in a very atmospheric Irish Pub, two steps from …

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Soup time

When come the stormy days, there is nothing more comforting than a bowl of soup. In the South of France, the old folks used to add a small glass of red wine in their soup. It was called “faire chabrot”… Let’s do it with whisky!

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Here’s to Tullamore

Exterior of Tullamore Distillery

 Tullamore distillery is born again. William Grant & Sons acquired the brand Tullamore Dew in 2010 and they decided to go further and build a …

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More Peat

Let’s keep the peat theme… Two new releases this autumn of peaty characters: anCnoc Cutter, a Speyside malt which used to be called Knockdhu, and …

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Peat seasoning


There is a whiff of peat in my kitchen… September announces cool evenings, with peat logs glowing red in the fireplace. Here are a few …

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