Art-rageous Ronnie Cox

Let’s share a secret! When he does not travel the globe to promote The Glenrothes, Ronnie Cox likes to tickle the brush.  A keen “artiste en herbe” Ronnie has recently discovered the Artrage App. One of his favourite pastimes is to let his inspiration remodel images. The results are quite impressive. Here are two examples of his work featuring a classic Glenrothes bottle and the stillhouse which is known as the “cathedral” by the distillery workers. We invite you to come to Rothes House on Saturday 4th of May and to do the same. We can’t promise you celebrity but a lot of fun and more knowledge on Glenrothes at The Speyside Festival.



A-rage bottle 1

The Bottle: “This was painted from a silhouette of the bottle with the Artrage App. It evokes the colours I associate with Autumnal expressions of Glenrothes. The bottle obviously central. I don’t like to spend more than a  few minutes on each picture as I like my assessment to be made in the time that it would normally take to savour the dram. Anything else is a little artificial to me”.

The Cathedral: “This was induced by the majesty of the stillhouse at Glenrothes. Known locally as the cathedral, I tried to exaggerate the form into something medieval. This is not about one expression but about the house-style of Glenrothes. I particularly like the harmony and colour warp. Complex yet pleasing and this is an important part of what we look for in Glenrothes”.


The cathedral……
cathedral 1


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