A week of fun at Islay Music and Whisky Festival

Monday 27 May at 16.00 – Bruichladdich Hall

Dancing Drams

The emotions and the images that the whisky aromatic profile displays are even stronger when all the senses respond. The sensory expression is not limited to sensations expressed in words. Art is also a way to convey those emotions. I have explored “painting whisky” with two artists. Now I will show how whisky can be “danced”.

Let’s bring together different dance expressions and different whiskies. Starting from the whisky aromatic profile with a

Paula dancing
Paula Davidson on the beach – Islay.

precise description, we will match it to a form of dance, taking into account the way aromas are displayed and at which rhythm, the characteristics, the texture, the length.

The dance will be performed by Paula Davidson, who joined the Glasgow Scottish Ballet and now lives and performs on Islay.

An absolutely unique experience at Bruichladdich Hall.

Cello Galore, whisky, gin, classical and traditional music

The talented Cello Quatuor will give five different concerts during the Whisky and Music Festival week.

CELLO GALORE is an exciting new group of cellists from four different countries in Europe. They have come together to provide a wonderful mixture of well-known classical pieces, Scottish folk songs and reels, with Irish traditional, pop and blues arrangements thrown into the pot!

The group was co-founded by Liza Wilson, a longstanding Islay visitor who studied with Rostropovitch and now resident in Italy, together with Sandy Baillie, Scots-born now living and working in Bremen in Germany. The younger members hail from Ireland (Maria O’Connor) and Scotland (David Robinson and Laura Sergeant).

Click here to view the concert programme for details of the programme and bookings Cello Galore

Maria O'Connor
Maria O’Connor
Donald Robinson
Donald Robinson
Laura Sergeant
Laura Sergeant
Liza Wilson
Liza Wilson

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