Martine Nouet

I’m Coming Back

I have kept my website silent for too long…

Just as I was thinking to bring it back to life, the pandemic arrived and with it the lockdown, the impossibility to travel, the cancellation of all whisky events and an irrepressible lethargy.

I had nothing to talk about, apart from my frustrations, my disappointment and my worries. Nothing interesting indeed.

But the light starts to shine though the crack again. We can start making plans again even if there are still uncertainties and doubts.

So I have decided to inhabit my website again and give it a refreshing look with a bit of dusting and a simpler house plan.

You will find news about whisky, recipes and tasting-notes but not only.

I will share my musings with you and they wander beyond whisky. I hope to make you travel with me, discover wonderful places and people, along an always exciting sensory path. .

Ready to hit the road ? Let’s go !

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